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Wednesday 13th May 2015

Help! How do I wear bright colours?! Part 2 

So, as the title suggest, today's post is all about wearing bright colours! It's a trend that I've really been getting into recently due to the sun popping out to say hello here in Britain recently! The sun makes me feel bright and happy, so I always want to wear makeup that makes me feel bright and happy!! I love matching makeup to the weather!

However, some of us may fear those bright, out there colours we have in a palette that we never use! Well crack those colours out ladies! I'm here to help!

Today's tip is quite well known in the Youtube community, but for those of you who don't know, I'm happy to share. Just pop that baby on the inner corner of your eye!
You can see here I'm wearing a bright blue on my inner corner!! 
Now I would only recommend doing this with certain colours, mainly pastel, light colours. Any dark colours could make your eyes look tired, like you have dark circles. You could play it safe with pale yellows and pinks, or you could go full on like me with blues, purples and greens!

It's so wearable because there's such a small amount on the corner of your eye, so it draws just enough attention. I would also recommend wearing a nude lip with it, as you want all the attention to be drawn to the eye! You could match the colour up like I suggested in my previous post if you want to go really bold! Just make sure to wear natural colours alongside it, to really make the inner corner pop!!

Purple inner corner!! 

Have fun embracing the colour and let me know if you try it!

Love you so much guys, thanks for all your support,
Starrzbeauty xoxo

Friday 8th May 2015

Step up your eyeshadow game! My holy grail makeup brushes! 

Hi there makeup lovers!!

This is the first in my favourite makeup products series! Today I’m going to talk you through my most loved eye brushes.

My favourite makeup brushes!! 
Thanks to Nikkietutorials and Jaclyn Hill (I’m sure you know them from YouTube, if you don’t, go check them out NOW) I’m a total blendaholic! Perfectly blended eyeshadow makes me so happy and is very appealing to the eye! I really think having seamless eyeshadow is the mark of a true makeup artist. With blending, practise makes perfect! Of course I’m nowhere near perfect, but there are tools that help me come closer!  You’d be surprised at what a different the right tools can make. Not only do they produce better results, but they produce these results quicker and more easily. And don’t worry, better doesn’t always mean more expensive

So, as I've already mentioned, the key to flawless eyeshadow is to blend until your arms ache. I have a few favourite blending brushes in my collection which I use on an everyday basis. 

Firstly, the famous Sigma E40 Tapered blending brush. This is valued at $16-21 (depending on whether you buy it in Silver, Copper or Gold). It is sold on the Sigma website. Stockists for different countries are listed on the Sigma website. 
Sigma Beauty E40
 Tapered blending brush

If you have ever watched a beauty video on youtube, you are more than likely to already know about this brush. It's job is to diffuse colour throughout the crease, so it will softly apply any eyeshadow. It is very large so sweeps across the whole eyelid with ease. This brush is best use with the transition shade you are using for your look as it will flawless blow out any colour you apply. You can also use it clean to blend throughout the process of applying your eyeshadow. I use this brush to blend my look after every stage of applying my eyeshadow to achieve the most flawless look. On an everyday basis, I use this brush to apply flesh or pale brown coloured eyeshadow such as 'Peach Smoothie' by Makeup Geek. This brush is definitely worth the investment and will definitely up your eyeshadow game! 

Ok, so if you have heard of the Sigma E40, you have more than likely heard about the E25 or the Mac 217. I use neither of these brushes, though the E25 is on my wishlist! Instead, I use a couple of dupes which I love and are a fraction of the price! 

Morphe alternative to Mac 217
The brush is by Morphe Brushes, which is also a company floating around YouTube thanks to Jaclyn Hill. This brush is from set 684 - 18 PIECE PROFESSIONAL SET by Morphe Brushes, which retails for $79.99. You can also get individual brushes similar to this by Morphe, should you not want the set.This can be purchased on the Morphe Brushes website. This brush is perfect for blending colours more precisely into the crease or packing a colour onto the lid. Again, you can also use this clean to go back and blend all your eyeshadow out after each colour application. This brush really is fantastic! It so soft on the eye and blends flawlessly! As soon as this brush was added to my collection, my eyeshadow became more precise and blended. 

Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff. 
Another brilliant dupe for the Mac 217 is the Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff, BR-250. This retails for $4.95, which is a brilliant price compared to Sigma and Mac. This brush is less flat than the brush from Morphe, so I like to use this for less precise blending. I tend to use the Sigma E40 first to place the transition colour in the crease. Then I place a slightly darker colour in the crease using this Coastal Scents brush then use the Morphe brush for an even darker colour to be blended precisely into the crease! How does this brush compare to the Morphe Brush? The Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff is more densely packed and less soft than Morphe brush Both blends flawlessly, and at the price, I would recommend adding both to your collection. After all, you can never have too many blending brushes! 

Smaller Morphe blending brush
Another brush I love from the set by Morphe is very similar to the last blending brush, but smaller and thinner. This brush is perfect to really carve out the crease. I even love this to blend out cut crease looks! This is the perfect precise blender! It can also be used to pack colours onto the lid because of the flat shape. It really is useful to have a brush that can do more precise blending for more precise looks! 

Coastal Scents Classic Blender
Crease Synthetic brush 
Another brush I love for precise application of colour into the crease is the Coastal Scents Classic Blender Crease Synthetic, BR- C- S08, which retails for just $2.49! This brush is small and very tapered allowing you to apply and blend a colour very precisely in the crease. I also like to use this brush to blow colours out on the lower lash line for a more smokey look, as it can act like a large pencil brush. Its multiple uses make it a great addition to any collection. 

Coastal Scents Classic Blender Natural
The last blending brush I'm going to mention is, again, by Coastal Scents. It is the Coastal Scents Classic Blender Natural, BR- C- N06, retailing for $2.95! I like to use this brush clean to go back and blend all of my eyeshadows together. This final step makes all the difference! It is very tapered, more so than the Sigma E40, and very soft, so is really able to blend and blow out your eyeshadow look! I feel that going back in at the end with a clean brush and giving the eye a final blend is a very crucial step that should not be skipped! 

Coastal Scents Classic Shader Medium
And so we progress onto the lid... Until I purchased this next brush, I did not feel like I should invest in a flat shader brush. I was previously using flat blender brushes on my lid and was quite happy with the results. While placing an order on the Coastal Scents website, I decided to order the Classic Shader Medium Synthetic, BR- C- S52, for $2.49. I was blown away by how I had been wrong. Having a decent shader brush is an essential part of any brush collection! This brush packs on colour, whether neutral colours or darker colours for a smokey eye, like a dream. It is also very good for packing on pigments and glitter. It has enabled me to create more versatile looks and has been one of my best investments! And for the price you can't go wrong! 

Morphe Pencil Brush 
For me, the lower lash line is an important part of my makeup routine as I'll take any excuse to smoke it out! I've so far found that the best pencil brush for this is, again, from the Morphe set I mentioned earlier. It dense enough and tapered enough to use for both colour application and blending. I also love to use this if I want a really precise application of colour in the crease e.g. when I'm doing a cut crease. It's so soft and is really easy to work with. This is an all round great, multipurpose brush! 

Estée Lauder Eyebrow brush 20  
And finally.. Phew! The next brush is very close to my heart, as this is the only brush I've ever used on my eyebrows, and I love it. It is the Estée Lauder Eyeliner/Brow/Brush 20, which retails for $25. So that makes this the most expensive brush in this blog. I love this brush because of its size: it is very thin, so allows you to draw in and mimick individual brow hairs but is long enough that this does not take forever. You could probably find a cheaper alternative if you can't afford to spend $25 on a brow brush, but if you are willing to pay, it will be a great addition to your collection! 

So there you are guys! These are my favourite brushes for applying my eyeshadow, and have enabled me to really step up my makeup game. I would love to hear some of your favourites too! Don't forget to stay tuned for my coming blogs, including my favourite face brushes

Love you guys,
Starrzbeauty xoxo 

Tuesday 5th May 2015

Help! How do I wear bright colours?!?!

A lot of us often want to dabble with colour to spice up our makeup life! More and more companies are coming out with beautiful, bright and bold colours as both singles and palettes. For example, the Urban Decay Electric Palette came out last year with a great response!

But the main problem for many of us is: how the hell do we wear such a bright colour without looking like a clown?!?! I may have the answer to your prayers right here!

I like to use a trick called matching up!

I love to match lipstick to my hair- I have red hair so this really works! It makes both my eyes and my lips pop! You can find looks where I did this in my makeup looks section. So if you have a hair colour that you are able to do this with, go rock that look girl!

Another trick is matching colours to your outfit. If you are wearing a yellow top, a yellow pop of eyeshadow may not look so out of place, making it less shocking and more wearable!
My purple makeup look!
With purple on the lower lash line AND on the lips! 

The trick that I’m going to talk about in depth is matching different elements of your makeup. This could be matching liner and lipstick, nails and lipstick, eyeshadow and lipstick or even eyeliner and lipstick! In the particular look I created, I decided to use purple lipstick and pair it with purple eyeshadow on my lower lashline! I matched the purple eyeshadow on the lower lash line with a warm neutral look on the lid of the eye to make the look not too in your face.

Matching up your makeup products creates cohesiveness within the look, which makes the look more wearable. A bright purple lipstick doesn’t look so in your face and out of place when there is another element of purple on the face bringing the look together.

My makeup look explained!

On the lid of my eyes I used:

-         -  Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place EyeShadow Base as a primer
-          - To set the base, I used Makeup Revolution single eyeshadow in ‘Touch Me’ 
-          - For my transition colour, I used ‘Peach Smoothie’ from Makeup Geek
-          - To deepen the crease, I used ‘Cocoa Bear’ from Makeup Geek
-          - To warm up the look, I dusted Makeup Geek’s 'Chickadee' into the crease
-          - I kept the lid of my eyes a nude colour by touching up with the Makeup Revolution shadow we used earlier

To create the smoked out purple lower lash line:

-          - First, I buffed a light pink colour from Morphe Brushes called ‘Pretty in Pink’ along the lash line to act as a transition colour
-          - To deepen this up, I used a magenta colour from Morphe Brushes
-          - For the purple colour, I used a Coastal Scents Hot Pot in the colour 'Maroon Berry'

For those gorgeous purple lips:
      - Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in the colour ‘Purple
-          - Makeup Revolution Lipstick in the colour ‘Depraved

      Make sure you pair this look with a blush that isn't too overpowering to avoid that clown look! 

And that is how I achieved my purple makeup look, with purple on the lips and on the eyes!
Thanks for reading guys! If you have any requests on what kind of makeup looks or blog posts you would like to see in the future, please comment below!

Love you guys,


Thursday 30th April 2015

Collaboration on Instagram with the beautiful @makeup_addiction22! 

Yesterday I reached out to the beautiful @makeup_addiction22 on Instagram to do this beautiful collab!

I knew that she was going through a tough time and was in a funk. I know what this feels like as I've had a tough year coming out of an abusive relationship and battling depression and anxiety. Through all of this makeup was like a therapy tool! I could be creative, it was calming, it took my mind off of things and it made me feel beautiful again! So I reached out to her to try and cheer her up by getting our glam's on!! So this collaboration was really to get the message out there to anybody that is going through a tough time that you are strong and you will pull through! There's a light at the end of the tunnel and feeling beautiful both inside and out will help you on your journey to happiness!

We decided to do a really girly look! We used peacock colours as an inspiration looks so we incorporated pinks, blues and golds! I love the result of both of our looks and hope you guys do too!

@makeup_addiction22 used:
- Coastal Scents 252 ultimate palette
- peacock glitter from glitter injections
- Nyx Xtreme shine lip cream in dolly girl

I used:
- Coastal Scents hot pot in 'CM03' (bright orange) and morphe brushes 'pretty in pink' as a transition shade
- Coastal Scents hot pot in 'Maroon berry' and Morphe Brushes eyeshadow in '58' (bright fuchsia pink) to deepen the crease
- Dior palette in '250 seascape' for the blue and purple on the lid
- No. 7 liquid eyeliner in 'Jewel'
- Collection loose pigment in 'Bedazzle' mixed with eyedrops to create a cold liquid liner for the bottom lashline
- Nivea body glitter for the inner corner
- Maybelline colour elixir in 'Hibiscus Heaven' on the lips!

So if you guys are feeling down, try pulling out those makeup brushes girl! It may help so much!

Thank you guys for reading and supporting me!
Dont forget to check out @makeup_addiction22 on Instagram

Love you guys,
Starrzbeauty xoxo  

Monday 27th April 2015 

Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover camouflage makeup

Hi makeup lovers!!

Ok, so one of the first things to know about me is that I struggle so much with acne! I've suffered from a very young age (as long as I can remember :/) and it can really get you down and knock your self confidence so much.

I have searched the makeup market for the best concealers to cover my acne and one of the very best is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover camouflage makeup for face and body.

The shade I have is too dark for me because it was given to me by my mum- the shade I have is 07 Medium/ Deep when I am seriously as pale as a sheet! Therefore I apply this with my Sigma 3DHD kabuki brush before I apply my foundation. This foundation acting as a concealer creates such a flawless base despite my acne. The only way to detect acne after I use this is through texturing issues in certain light.

This product is amazing and has helped my confidence so much so i recommend this product to all beauty lovers out there who love a flawless base.
I haven't tried this as an all over foundation because of the fact I have the wrong shade. Just keep in mind that this foundation is very thick due to the intense coverage so it might be a little heavy for all over the face. It is always better to spot conceal when you can!
This is definitely one of my go to products that I can rely on!

Thanks for reading guys xoxo
Remember to check out my Instagram and Twitter @starrzbeauty

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