Monday, 27 April 2015

Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover camouflage makeup- battling acne!!

Hi makeup lovers!!

Ok, so one of the first things to know about me is that I struggle so much with acne! I've suffered from a very young age (as long as I can remember :/) and it can really get you down and knock your self confidence so much.

I have searched the makeup market for the best concealers to cover my acne and one of the very best is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover camouflage makeup for face and body.

The shade I have is too dark for me because it was given to me by my mum- the shade I have is 07 Medium/ Deep when I am seriously as pale as a sheet! Therefore I apply this with my Sigma 3DHD kabuki brush before I apply my foundation. This foundation acting as a concealer creates such a flawless base despite my acne. The only way to detect acne after I use this is through texturing issues in certain light.

This product is amazing and has helped my confidence so much so i recommend this product to all beauty lovers out there who love a flawless base.
I haven't tried this as an all over foundation because of the fact I have the wrong shade. Just keep in mind that this foundation is very thick due to the intense coverage so it might be a little heavy for all over the face. It is always better to spot conceal when you can!
This is definitely one of my go to products that I can rely on!

Thanks for reading guys xoxo
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  1. I'm also struggle with acne :(
    I'm still looking for perfect concealer/fluid, thanks to ur opinion I'll probably buy it :)

    1. It really does cover so so well!! I really recommend it! I'll be doing lots more blogging on my acne and how I help it/ cover it so stay tuned! :)