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Wednesday 6th May 2015

New Series! Getting back up after you've been knocked down! 

Put that smile back on your face!
Feel beautiful and confident!
Blog coming on this makeup look soon! 
Hi there makeup lovers! I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be starting a new series which will hopefully help people get back up once they've been knocked down. This will be both beauty and non-beauty related. Make up has been a huge part of my recovery so of course it has a place in this series, but there are other methods and tips for cheering you up that I’d also like to share.

I won’t go too much into my story now, but last summer I went through the toughest time of my life, and I’m still far from over it. I physically and mentally just broke down. I’m still suffering with depression and anxiety, but I am combatting it and I am getting betterI'm picking myself back up!

None of us have perfect lives. Far from it. Everybody goes through tough times in their life, though sometimes you feel like you’re the only one. But life has to go on no matter how crappy you feel, there are still people you need to live and smile for, there are still things you need to get done every day. So we all need to find ways to get through the days and help to get yourself back to normal. You need to find some way to get that smile back on your face!

I’m writing this today to let you know that if you feel like this, there is a way out. And I’m here to help! I’m going to be starting a series on how to combat depression and anxietyEveryone can use these tips, from those of us that really need help and have no one else to talk to, to those who are just having a bad day and need to cheer up.

And don't be disappointed if you aren't right as rain immediately. Recovering takes time. You have to build yourself back up and get back your confidence. Putting pressure on yourself to get better quickly will just lead to more anxiety. Trust me, I talk from experience and it does more harm than good!

I hope this series will help people feel like they are enoughgain more self- confidence and get back to smiling! Please stay tuned! I really appreciate anyone who supports me!

Love you guys,

Starrzbeauty xoxo

Thursday 30th April 2015

Collaboration with the beautiful @makeup_addiction22 on Instagram!

Yesterday I reached out to the beautiful @makeup_addiction22 on Instagram to do this beautiful collab!

I knew that she was going through a tough time and was in a funk. I know what this feels like as I've had a tough year coming out of an abusive relationship and battling depression and anxiety. Through all of this makeup was like a therapy tool! I could be creative, it was calming, it took my mind off of things and it made me feel beautiful again! So I reached out to her to try and cheer her up by getting our glam's on!! So this collaboration was really to get the message out there to anybody that is going through a tough time that you are strong and you will pull through! There's a light at the end of the tunnel and feeling beautiful both inside and out will help you on your journey to happiness!

We decided to do a really girly look! We used peacock colours as an inspiration looks so we incorporated pinks, blues and golds! I love the result of both of our looks and hope you guys do too!

@makeup_addiction22 used:
- Coastal Scents 252 ultimate palette
- peacock glitter from glitter injections
- Nyx Xtreme shine lip cream in dolly girl

I used:
- Coastal Scents hot pot in 'CM03' (bright orange) and morphe brushes 'pretty in pink' as a transition shade
- Coastal Scents hot pot in 'Maroon berry' and Morphe Brushes eyeshadow in '58' (bright fuchsia pink) to deepen the crease
- Dior palette in '250 seascape' for the blue and purple on the lid
- No. 7 liquid eyeliner in 'Jewel'
- Collection loose pigment in 'Bedazzle' mixed with eyedrops to create a cold liquid liner for the bottom lashline
- Nivea body glitter for the inner corner
- Maybelline colour elixir in 'Hibiscus Heaven' on the lips!

So if you guys are feeling down, try pulling out those makeup brushes girl! It may help so much!

Thank you guys for reading and supporting me!
Dont forget to check out @makeup_addiction22 on Instagram

Love you guys,
Starrzbeauty xoxo

Monday 27th April 2015

Welcome to Starrzbeauty! Instagram @starrzbeauty 

Hi make up lovers, I'm Starrzbeauty and I too am a makeup lover.
This is my very first blog post so I don't really know what I'm doing right now but once I get going hopefully all of my content will be great!
This blog will be dedicated to makeup: from the latest looks that I have created to products that I love. If you guys want anymore content just let me know! I'm open to suggestions from anyone!
Here's a little background information about me..
I'm an 18 year old make up lover.
I am self taught using Youtube and the internet and other means.
I have been wearing and collecting makeup since I was 9 so I like to think I'm quite experienced and know what I'm talking about to a degree!
I am currently a student at sixth form so at the moment makeup is more of a hobby (though I wish it was more!)
Thanks guys, love you all! x
P.s. go check out my Instagram account at


  1. About your may 6th day at a time. :)

    1. Thanks hun! You really do have to take it one day at a time! Thanks for reaching out to me on Instagram, you are amazing and beautiful! x

    2. new email account! I love your blog design, why am I having such a hard time putting one together!!

    3. Aw thanks so much hun! That really means a lot! I'm still trying to work on it to make it better! I've found that you just make more and more changes over time as you get new ideas and learn more about the programme you're using to create your blog! This design is totally different to the one I first publish, I just continually make tweaks to get to where I'm happy with it!