Monday, 27 April 2015

Welcome to Starrzbeauty! Instagram @starrzbeauty

Hi make up lovers, I'm Starrzbeauty and I too am a make up lover.
This is my very first blog post so I don't really know what I'm doing right now but once I get going hopefully all of my content will be great!
This blog will be dedicated to makeup: from the latest looks that I have created to products that I love. If you guys want anymore content just let me know! I'm open to suggestions from anyone!
Here's a little background information about me..
I'm an 18 year old make up lover.
I am self taught using Youtube and the internet and other means.
I have been wearing and collecting makeup since I was 9 so I like to think I'm quite experienced and know what I'm talking about to a degree!
I am currently a student at sixth form so at the moment makeup is more of a hobby (though I wish it was more!)
Thanks guys, love you all! x
P.s. go check out my Instagram account at

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