Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Help! How do I wear a bright colour?!?!

A lot of us often want to dabble with colour to spice up our makeup life! More and more companies are coming out with beautiful, bright and bold colours as both singles and palettes. For example, the Urban Decay Electric Palette came out last year with a great response!

But the main problem for many of us is: how the hell do we wear such a bright colour without looking like a clown?!?! I may have the answer to your prayers right here!

I like to use a trick called matching up!

I love to match lipstick to my hair- I have red hair so this really works! It makes both my eyes and my lips pop! You can find looks where I did this in my makeup looks section. So if you have a hair colour that you are able to do this with, go rock that look girl!

Another trick is matching colours to your outfit. If you are wearing a yellow top, a yellow pop of eyeshadow may not look so out of place, making it less shocking and more wearable!
My purple makeup look!
With purple on the lower lash line AND on the lips! 

The trick that I’m going to talk about in depth is matching different elements of your makeup. This could be matching liner and lipstick, nails and lipstick, eyeshadow and lipstick or even eyeliner and lipstick! In the particular look I created, I decided to use purple lipstick and pair it with purple eyeshadow on my lower lashline! I matched the purple eyeshadow on the lower lash line with a warm neutral look on the lid of the eye to make the look not too in your face.

Matching up your makeup products creates cohesiveness within the look, which makes the look more wearable. A bright purple lipstick doesn’t look so in your face and out of place when there is another element of purple on the face bringing the look together.

My makeup look explained!

On the lid of my eyes I used:

-         -  Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place EyeShadow Base as a primer
-          - To set the base, I used Makeup Revolution single eyeshadow in ‘Touch Me’ 
-          - For my transition colour, I used ‘Peach Smoothie’ from Makeup Geek
-          - To deepen the crease, I used ‘Cocoa Bear’ from Makeup Geek
-          - To warm up the look, I dusted Makeup Geek’s 'Chickadee' into the crease
-          - I kept the lid of my eyes a nude colour by touching up with the Makeup Revolution shadow we used earlier

To create the smoked out purple lower lash line:

-          - First, I buffed a light pink colour from Morphe Brushes called ‘Pretty in Pink’ along the lash line to act as a transition colour
-          - To deepen this up, I used a magenta colour from Morphe Brushes
-          - For the purple colour, I used a Coastal Scents Hot Pot in the colour 'Maroon Berry'

For those gorgeous purple lips:
      - Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal in the colour ‘Purple
-          - Makeup Revolution Lipstick in the colour ‘Depraved

      Make sure you pair this look with a blush that isn't too overpowering to avoid that clown look! 

And that is how I achieved my purple makeup look, with purple on the lips and on the eyes!
Thanks for reading guys! If you have any requests on what kind of makeup looks or blog posts you would like to see in the future, please comment below!

Love you guys,


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