Saturday, 9 May 2015

Makeup: Gold lip gloss?! Gold lips?! Surely not!

Hi there makeup lovers!!

So today I'm going to talk to you guys about gold gloss! Yes, you heard right! GOLD lipgloss!
I felt I needed to make a post on gold lip glosses because of how scary they must look to those who have not yet tried them!

But they are one of my favourite types glosses to wear! Don't worry, they don't really make your lips gold. Paired with the right lip liner, they make your lips look a glossy nude colour. The result is very glamorous! They are often very high shine so give really full, juicy looking lips! And who doesn't want that, right?

I have two gold lipglosses in my collection:
- Calvin Klein delicious pout flavored lip gloss in '402- Gold frost'
- Smashbox Be Legendary lip gloss in 'Glit'

The Calvin Klein gloss has it's pros and cons. The gloss smells very strongly of strawberry and tastes like them too! Yummy! In the tube, it looks mega glittery, but this does not translate on the lips. It gives a high shine without seeing the glitter. Whether this is a pro or a con depends on your preference, but for me, whether I like visible glitter or not depends on the look and occasion. The colour in the tube doesn't really translate onto the lips either, so it's pretty much a clear gloss. The biggest con of this lip gloss for me is that it is very sticky, one of the stickiest lip glosses I own. I can just about manage this because I am a gloss lover, but it does become uncomfortable and irritating to wear. For those of you who hate sticky lips, this will not be for you. It has a plastic tube applicator so is very easy to apply on the go. Overall, I love this gloss. It makes my lips look plump and juicy and the strawberry taste and smell is amazing! My boyfriend loves it! I am easily able to wear this on an every day basis.
Me wearing the Calvin Klein lip gloss

The Smashbox gloss is my favourite out of the two. It has slightly more colour payoff than the Calvin Klein gloss, as you can see in the swatches, but it is no less wearable. It still gives a gorgeous nude colour to the lips. This gloss however is a lot more glittery. The glitter you see in the tube does translate onto the lips slightly, but is not too noticeable from afar. Those who aren't used to wearing glosses may find that this is not as suitable for daytime wear. I LOVE the colour and finish that this gives on the lips and would be quite happy to wear it daily! This formula is also a lot more comfortable to wear as it is not sticky, but I still find it to be quite long wearing for a gloss. With a perfect applicator, it just glides onto the lips.
Me wearing the Smashbox gloss

I also have my eye on the Bourjois effet 3D lip gloss in 'top coat'.

In the two photos of me wearing the glosses, I used a basic pink lip liner underneath them that I usually wear under a gloss for my everyday look.

The great thing about gold gloss is that as well as just slapping them on your lips for more of a 'no makeup' makeup look, you can also use a brush to apply them over any colour lipstick. They act as a clear gloss, but with more glitter in them, adding to the shine! They are the perfect companion for any look you're going for!

So next time you see a gold gloss at the store, don't cast them aside out of fear. Give them a chance and you may be pleasantly surprised! I know I was!

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Love you guys,
Starrzbeauty xoxo


  1. I've previously avoided gold lip glosses but next time I see one I'm going to give it a go!

    Just letting you know that I host a Monday Makeup Madness linky each week on my blog, Fabulous and Fun Life. All beauty bloggers are most welcome to link up one beauty related post a week. I'd love you to join in :)

  2. I have a gold lipgloss from Lancôme it can look good but depends on your make up look. It looks good on you