Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Zodiac Collaboration

Hi there makeup lovers! 

Something really exciting happened this past week! I have had the pleasure of collaborating with two extraordinarily talented, beautiful women on Instagram@amandareyesreviews23 and @green_eyesapphire! Go check out their Instagrams!

We decided that we really wanted to really have fun and do a more intricate look that we wouldn't usually put our makeup brushes to! My look definitely isn't that wearable, but hopefully you can appreciate the art that all three of us tried to show! Here are the three looks! 

Me (left), @green_eyesapphire (top right),
 @amandareyesreviews23 (bottom right) 

It was @green_eyesapphire's idea to do a zodiac inspired makeup look, which I though was a brilliant idea! The perfect opportunity to get really creative!

My birthday is towards the end of February, which makes me a Pisces. Therefore I attempted a fish inspired look, and I was pretty pleased with the results!

This was really out of my comfort zone as I've never done anything like this before. So the lesson is, never be afraid to push your boundaries! I will definitely be trying more adventurous looks like this in the near future! It's crazy how much pushing your limits can help improve your confidence! Even if it's just wearing a brighter lipstick, I'd really encourage anyone to try and push their boundaries. I hope you guys love this as much as I do!

Enough of my waffling! Here are the products that I used to create this look!

On the face:

- To contour. I used Urban Decay's eyeshadow in the colour 'Blue Bus'
- I blended the contour out using Urban Decay's eyeshadow in the colour 'Crystal'
- Along the sides of my contour, I used Makeup Revolution The One Blush Stick in the colour 'Dream'
- For highlight, I used my Coastal Scents hotpot in the colour 'Eleven Gold'

On the eyes:

- Blue and Purple colour from Dior Palette in 'Seascape'
- Morphe Brushes eyeshadows in the colours 'Pretty in Pink' (Baby pink shade) and 'Magical Magenta'
- Coastal Scents hotpots in the colours 'Maroon Berry' (deep purple shade) and 'Eleven Gold'
- Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals eyeshadow in 'Rose Gold' (I also used this in my brows)
- Nivea glitter mixed with eyedrops to create a sliver liquid liner (you can use any silver glitter/pigment)
- No7 liquid eyeliner in 'Jewel'

On the lips:
- A thin layer of LA Girl Glazed lip paint in 'Hot Mess'
- More of the Nivea glitter

I used some nail art jewels along my winged liner, and some nail art metal circles to represent the bubbles coming out of a fish's mouth! I thought this would be an interesting little detail!

I hope this gives some of you makeup lovers some inspiration! Don't forget to go check out my instagram @starrzbeauty!

Love you guys,
Starrzbeauty xoxo